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find a buyer soon, it will be lost. >> it's going to take a fair amount of money to bring it back. it has character. in that beam, is hand-held marks. >> reporter: a battle to save a vanishing symbol of rural life before it's too late. and stay with us for "good morning america." >> and for updates anyti just moments away, the d.c. sniper's, his last moments before lethal injection. some say it is not over yet. >> it hurts everybody. >> in maryland town mourns the loss of a young marine. >> the video that has a lot of people talking. but some say it is sexism.
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caioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning america," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you join us on this wednesday morng. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have rain falling out there this morning. the roads are wet. >>. will be off and on for the next couple of days. probably an inch or so of rain. except for far western maryland. up to baltimore and down into central virginia. temperature in the low 50's. the temperature will be steady. it will be breezy and wet. not a great day. breaking news on the traffic from. >> in the rain moments ago on the outer loop of the beltway, a tractor-trailer has jackknifed
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between colesville road and georgia avenue. heading west on the beltway after colesville rd., expect to find this crashed along the left side of the roadway. no delight in the rain. headlights on the outer loop approaching that crashed just before the exit for georgia avenue. there was an accident on it suitland parkway. in down remains closed. inbound suitland parkway, all traffic expected to exit. we will have more details on that crash. >> thank you. more details on the pedestrian accident on the suitland parkway. the pedestrian was struck just after 3:00 a.m. near branch avenue. the driver of the car remained on the scene. all inbound lanes heading into d.c. are closed while police investigate. we turn to our top story.
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the d.c. sniper's fine out moments. john allen muhammad was pronounced dead last night, closing the book on his reign of terror. >> later today, there are expected to release a final letter written by the killer. courtney robinson has more on the story. >> good morning. we are number not exactly sure what this family is scheduled to say. john muhammad leaves behind four children and two x y s. he met with some of his family members yesterday. -- he leaves behind four children and to ex-wives. he appeared calm and emotionalist as he entered the death chamber. >> there were no complications. >> dozens watched. family members of the victims, some hoping foreclosure, wanting to hear remorse form of the man
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who killed their loved ones in october of 2002. >> many of them were here. they were seeking closured in wanting to see john muhammad leaving this earth. >> in his final moments, john muhammad said nothing. >> he does extend his condolences to the family. " he shot and killed been minors outside of a manassas gas station. authorities believe he and lee boyd malvo wounded several. conrad johnson was a victim. co-workers waited outside the corrections center for word that john allen muhammad was officially dead. >> i took a call that morning when he got shot. we took a personal. it could have been any of us. >> the brother of dean meyers watched the execution and said
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it did bring him some closure. like many of the family members of these victims, the pain of losing a loved one will always exist. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. his accomplice, lee boyd malvo, was charged in the murder of linda franklin in virginia. jurors sends him to life in prison without parole instead of capital punishment. prince george's county police are looking for a suspect in a robbery and shooting at a capitol heights. a man robbed another man at gunpoint on pepper hill drive. the blame game has begun in washington about the fort hood mass shootings and the alleged gunman. the fbi searched a mosque in texas yesterday.
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they looked into is e-mails as far back as december and decided he did not pose a threat. the pentagon said it the did not know about this until after the shooting. the fbi is conducting its own review. president obama and the first credit attended an emotional farewell yesterday. >> we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war, even at home. >> he placed a commander in chief. at the moral of each fallen soldier. he met privately with each victim's family. friends and family members are mourning the loss of a marine from union bridge. charles cartwright had been based at camp pendleton. people in union bridge are saying they're having a hard time coping with their grief.
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pressed to lose one of your own, you take it personally. it is devastating. >> it hurts everybody. pay our a pride and joy. >> he was the son of the assistant fire chief. flags are flying at half staff. a wreath laying ceremony will take place at 11:00 at arlington cemetery. the president and first lady are scheduled to attend. still ahead, that soccer fight between two women is an online hit, but some experts say it is a raging case of sexism. we will tell you why. >> there is a new way to pay at the parking meters.
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5:00 time on this rainy wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. -- 5:10. >> a pedestrian accident happened this morning on the suitland parkway. i understand it is blocked and you cannot exit from branch
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avenue to head on to the suitland parkway because of that accident they are documented. through southeast, nothing complicated if you take alabama avenue and good hope road and 295, so you do have options. a crash involving a truck between colesville road and georgia avenue. units have arrived on the scene. headlights are on the way from university boulevard heading towards george your boulevard. look at the camera of the light volume of traffic. hov it is lifted today with the federal holiday. it is two-way traffic on clara barton highway. now to the weather. >> showeryou can see the moistu. heavier bands will be south and east of town. you can see those showers
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falling and you can see the cooler temperatures. that is the best we're doing as far as temperature. here is the hour by hour forecast. breezy and cool, a damp day. back to you. >> thank you. soon, you may not have to worry about digging for change. d.c. is looking into a new way to pay for parking. there are a couple of different options. one would allow you to feed the meter with a cell phone links into an account. other would be a dashboard metered you can fill out with money. they hope to have the program running by the end of the year. 5:12. >> coming up, your next flu shot is just a click away. we will tell you about the fastest way to find the vaccine. >> the white house talks war
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, later today we could learn the last pithos of the convicted stopper john allen muhammad. his family has a final letter that he wrote. he was executed last night in jarratt, virginia. some of the victim's family looks on. >> fort hood, texas. nearly 300 soldiers who just finished serving a year in iraq arrived home to hugs and kisses. there are currently 65,000
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troops from fort hood deployed overseas. this is the first group to come home. >> psident obama meets with his national security team about a war strategy in afghanistan. they are waiting four different options about troop levels there. by now you have seen the video of a soccer player p ummeling other players. during a college and match last week, this is outraged fellow players. some people point out that male athletes violent during games rarely get this kind of condemnation and scrutiny. >> we have different expectations of men and women. most girls are taught to be polite, not to swear, not to be aggressive. >> she was suspended on friday
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and issued an apology saying she got caught up in the moment. >> i think a lot of people tend to think male athletes get suspended when it show violence on the field. >> you do not see it as often with women, which is why i think people are watching it. >> we do not cover airplane landings, which cover airplane crashes. the general rule of news. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> i am yelling at you guys. i am saying, stop talking. it is my turn. >> no hitting, though. >> yes, ma'am. outer loop of the beltway, there has been a crash with a truck that has jackknifed itself. two right lanes are closed before the exit 4 georgia avenue. hov is lifted for you in virginia. good on the toll road.
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new issue to and from the wilson bridge. we will go over to brian gr brian van de graaff with the weather. >> the wet weather is here. heavier bans all the way down to the deep south. they could receive five, 6 inches of rain. for us, maybe an inch or so. it will be a persistent patte of gusty breezes. you can see how cool it is. temperatures in the low 50's. temperatures are not going to move too much. i will show you the forecast. gray and rainy. temperatures might fall off as the day wears on. wind, about 10 miles per hour. more showers tonight and tomorrow. we will stay gray with some shower chances for both thursday
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and friday. saturday will be a transition. all in all, not a good-looking stretch. doug and alison? >> thank you. a high-tech hijacking. facebook being no longer under attack. >> finding a flu shot is now a click away. >> google makes it easier to find a flu shot near you. they have teamed up with the government to create the flu shot finder. it says where you can find the flu shot in your neighborhood. it is just beginning and it does not have location for many areas yet. you confined the flu shot finder at there will be free why fight in public spaces. this will be in 47 airpipes --
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there will be free wifi public spaces. this will be an 47 airports across the country. yahoo! is giving away wifi access in new york's times square for one year. facebook groups have been hijacked. they were tipped over to highlight a security flaw. it is too easy for anyone to take control of a group and get personal information. they will not make any changes to these groups. they're trying to get facebook users to think about their safety. if you're looking to lose weight, a new bathroom scale may shame you into a. this new wifi has a wireless connection to send your way to too many places. you can now tweet your weight to
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others. for morenformation, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i am vina nair. we have 49 degrees outside on this rainy wednesday morning. >> with 12 turnovers, it was a night to forget for gilbert arenas. will have sports. >> later on "oprah," behind the headlines of the fort hood shootings. au pair will have exclusive shootings with the hero officer at that took down the gunman.
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good morning. the wizards lost to miami last night. gilbert arenas was not supposed to play, but warmed up and decided to go. he had a long three-ball. duane weade had a great game. here is wade. he scored 41 points. he used its quickness. miami beat was a spirit here is wade again. wade does it by himself. the nationals are down to two finalists for the manager job.
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former mets manager bobby valentine is one. the nationals are expected to make a decision by the end of the week. >> thank you. 5:24 is your time. let's get the latest headlines in business news. linda bell joins us live from new york. >> good morning. just after three months on the job, the head of aig is reportedly threatening to quit. he was done with the job. he is reconsidering his stance after the board expressed dismay. his top complaint include frustration of leading a company that is majority owned by the company. the pair review cut pay for some executives by more than 90% in 2008. aig received bailout package is
5:26 am
worth about $182 billion. stock index futures are indicating a higher open this morning. we have some upbeat comments about the economy from fedex. it expects a peak holiday shopping to handle more packages than last year. they expect a record of 13 million shipments on december 15. laptops, cell phones, and clothing will be popular gifts this year. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you. 5:26, up 49 degrees. the news continues. >> a tanning ban. will tell you who cannot hit the sun beds under a new crackdown. >> you never knew where he would be.
5:27 am
you had to be watching your back. >> we will look back at the three weeks of terror while the sniper was on the run. >> it is veterans day. we'll tell you how one small maryland town is observing the holiday. i am matt brock. that story ahead. >> i am tracking copious amounts of rain that will be falling across the area. will - i volunteered. - i was drafted. - i enlisted. - i was nervous. - and there i was in asia. - europe. - the gulf. - and i saw things. - incredible things. - and people you never forget. - i did my job. - for my country. - my buddies. - for total strangers. - and i was proud. - so grateful. - for my family. - my freedom. for all who served and all who serve, we can never thank them enough.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning america," on your side. and welcome back to "good morning washington." just about 5:30 on this
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rainy wednesday morning. >> we were wondering how much rain would get here. it is a holiday, veterans day. many federal workers are off. there is some bad news out there. it is pretty evenly spread out. have your bands down south, near richmond. temperatures in the 50's. unfortunately, it will be this way for the next couple of days. lisa baden, the rain is not helping. >> i am totally bummed. today we will have a lighter volume of traffic, but we have a delayed to talk about. see the headlights near colesville road? there is an accident before georgia avenue. staying to the left is getting everyone around this crash. suitland parkway, a pedestrian
5:31 am
rep. that is closed in down. got to alabama avenue and good hope road. back inside. >> thank you. a maryland family is remembering their fallen hero. sergeant charles cartwright died in afghanistan. he was a decorated marine who received two purple hearts. matt brock is live in arlington cemetery with how he and thousands of other veterans are being remembered. >> the rain sets the tone for what will be a somber ceremony here at arlington cemetery. the president and first lady will be here to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. on this veterans day, there will be ceremonies all over the country, parades' that honor the sacrifice for those who served and have served. but in union bridge, the notion
5:32 am
of sacrifice is all too fresh. >> to lose one of your own, especially person like if you know them personally, it's just devastating. >> 26 yes year-old sergeant charles cartwright was killed in combat a world away in afghanistan. -- 26-year-old sergeant charles cartwright was killed in combat. he trained and was promoted to sergeant three years ago. he comes from a family will mount at the union bridge fire house. " for it to happen this week, before a veteran state, it just makes you appreciate what you have. >> cartright was newly married. the ceremony gets underway at 11:00 this morning. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this is a solid veteran
5:33 am
state for those at fort hood, texas. nearly 300 troops were welcomed home last night to a happy family members and news of last week's tragedy that took 13 of their fellow soldiers. this is the first deployed group from fort hood to come home this year. the man behind the 2002 sniper attacks is dead. >> the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. >> he died of lethal injection at 9:11 last night in jarratt, virginia. he was put to death for killing dean meyers, one of 10 victims in that shooting spree. we will have paa live report in our next half hour. the sniper ramp which cost a lot of fear in our area. for some, those memories are still fresh and this is justice
5:34 am
was served by john muhammad's death. >> i think he brought a ridiculous amount of terror. >> i did not want to leave my house. you never know where he would be. >> you always have to be watching your back. kreps his accomplice is serving a life sentence. we will have more reaction to the execution in our next hour, including a live report. another georgetown university student has been targeted because of perceived sexual orientation. this was reported early monday morning at 37th and prospect street. three males verbally harassed a student. this follows three previous incidents. still two assort physically attacked a drug territory note was left. there have been no arrests so far. it will be illegal for
5:35 am
teenagers to used tanning beds in howard county. the board of health passed a regulation banning anyone under 18 from using indoor tanning devices. howard county is the first in the nation to impose this ban. the tanning industry plans to challenge this in court. it looks like congress will not make president obama's deadline for passing health care reform by the end of the year. senate leaders say they hope to begin debate before thanksgiving, but they're still fighting over what to include in the bill. it will have to be merged with the house version. the hat final bill has to be put through a vote. anita dunn is stepping down. she recently had a high-profile fight against fox news channel. her deputy will takeover as
5:36 am
communications director. she will stay on as a consultant. 5:35, 49 degrees. >> 7 is on your side with a warning about what is in your wallet and how it could cost you big time. >> i am pamela brown is live in greenbelt. metro has had a change of heart this week. >> we will be back with another check of the skies and the streets.
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the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go,
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is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered.
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>> welcome to the tiny dancers in fairfax. today we're reading the story "rapunzel" and then we reenactor the storage through dance. " good morning, washington! >> welcome back. 5:39 is your time on this rainy wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. they said it was going to rain, but it's still caught me off guard this morning. >> we have had a nice stretch of weather. adam caskey is outside. >> it is a bit chilly. it is not the heavy, driving rain. this is light rain. i do not have my hood up.
5:40 am
it's definitely coming down. 50 degrees in arlington. look at our doppler display. most of the moisture in parts of the virginia, north carolina, and south carolina, and it will take a while for the sharp action to move through our region. it is bright green across the board. light rain everywhere as respect early this morning. temperatures are right around 50 degrees. 51 at reagan national. 47 in frederick. gray skies. temperatures falling a few degrees this afternoon. the rain showers will becoming moderate this afternoon. the wind will be picking up later today. highs in the lower 50's. that is the best we can do. let's go back to lisa baden with arkansas wet commute. " we have an accident with a jackknifed trailer on the
5:41 am
beltway. it is on the outer loop before georgia avenue. the right lanes are closed. we have a backup early leaving ikea to get around to georgia avenue. hov is lifted except for everybody on the john hanson highway. it is a federal holiday. we will watch the traffic for you this morning throughout the rain. >> thank you. frustrated drivers on 270 may get some release. there is a plan to get reversible rush hour claims on parts of 270. solo drivers would have to pay to use them. they would be free for car pools and and vans. it will still need approval from the state. new developments about the hot lanes on i-95 and i-395.
5:42 am
they are asking arlington county to go along with the project. it is needed to provide accessibility for future military bases. arlington county faugh filed a lawsuit to block the project. 5:41. 49 degrees outside. how to avoid secret credit-card fees. >> the dancing semifinals are set. we will tell you who made it to the final rounds. >> a pilot grounded before he could fly a drunk. >> a pilot grounded before he could fly a drunk. impact fishing markets in japan,
5:43 am
marine legislation in the u.s., and food consumption in italy? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual funds t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and more information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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tonight, we'll introduce you to some amazing sisters who are on a mission toelp the military. the have raise money for military scholarships. they're not even in high school yet.
5:46 am
this story, tonight at 5:00. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories. the family of its piper john allen muhammad is expected to release the last letter he wrote. he died of a lethal injection at 9:11 last night nebraska correction center in jarratt, virginia. >> united airlines said it has suspended a pilot after he allegedly reported to work drunk. the pilot was arrested moments before taking off from london. he hasince been released on bail. the passengers were moved to other flights. >> south korea troops are on
5:47 am
high alert after yesterday's crash between naval ships. the south said they fired after the north crossed too far into the disputed western border. >> a lot that would limit the credit cards ability to raise rates will take effect in january. banks are putting the squeeze on cardholders while they can. not one of the credit-card companies complying with the loss. >> they're saying, let's keep using these practices and getting as much revenue as we can until the law makes a stop. >> the new law will help protect consumers from sudden rate hikes. a survey found 45% of banks would raise the minimum credit score to get a credit card. 5:47 on a rainy wednesday
5:48 am
morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start with lisa baden. we do have some problems. >> an accident before a georgia avenue, on the outer loop with a growing back up from a college park. there was a crash and all lanes are blocked. you're forced to exit at branch avenue. >> you should grab the umbrella or the raincoat as you venture out this morning. we do have light rain everywhere across our region. it is not confined to a few spots. temperatures are holding steady and then dropping. we're down to 49 in arlington. notice the wide area of rain. this is moisture from what was tropical storm ida. it is going to get hung up. around the next coupleof days. we will see off and on
5:49 am
rainshowers even into tomorrow and possibly friday, some lingering showers sort of traps this moisture. most of the moisture will be stuck over north and south carolina. in terms of totals, .4 in spotsylvania. .536 of an inch in madison. the wind will be picking up. i woke up this morning and looked through my blinds in the kitchen and saw a west deck. >> a little bit crazy. half was dry and the other was pounding us. lo and behold, here we go. we will have to give some money there. here's what is happening. you can see the moisture overhead from wednesday, off and on showers. it will slowly worked its way
5:50 am
up the eastern seaboard. we are breezy and gray, cool with rain becoming less numerous as far as showers are concerned. it will remain unsettled all the way until the end of the week. by saturday, will start to transitioned out. a stray showers. some that is probably the best day of the week. temperatures could push near 70 degrees. all in all, it doesn't look like a great stretch. >> ok. we had a nice stretch. >> we did. 5:50. let's check in with philip stewart at the live desk with some interesting stories. >> good morning. let's give you caught up with "dancing with the stars." aaron carter is the latest contestant to get the boot.
5:51 am
he was known for his emotional outburst during his eight weeks on the show, including one episode when he cried after the judges gave him a low score. semifinals kickoff on monday. donny osmond and kelly osbourne will be among the final four. >> kelly osbourne said this show will make a lady out of me. >> getting down to the final days. we have an update on another story. formal baseball star sammy sosa is speaking out about his lighter skin in an interview with univision. he said it is a result of that face cream he is using. he denied reports he is bleaches his skin. he was surprised about the amount of attention he was getting. i was surprised he was using a
5:52 am
face cream every night. >> that is not as extreme as the picture we saw the other day. >> people >tause tan in a can. >> whynot? not? >>t takes between 100 and 100,000 years for a golf ball to decompose naturally. 300 million are lost or thrown away in the united states every year. plastic golf balls are becoming a major litter problem. looking for evidence of the loch ness monster were surprised to find thousands of golf balls lining me bed of the loch. do not lose the ball. >> you hit one out of the fair way and you could never find it.
5:53 am
>> improve your game. >> we have learned that real men can cry. >> there you go. you're good to go for the rest of the day. >> the rules of the day. 5:52 is your time. 49 degrees. 5:52 is your time. 49 degrees.
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5:55 am
there are some new developments in this story we brought you on monday. >> metro says inspectors will be
5:56 am
allowed to conduct safety checks a lot live at tracks. pamela brown has more. >> good morning. on monday learned metro has not been allowing monitors onto the tracks. they have now had a change of heart and they are lifting this ban. some think this is too little too late. metro has lost two employees who were killed on the job. during the time of this, metro officials blocked independent monitors for checking of the tracks for safety. that ban has now been lifted. a federal investigation has been launched. another investigation against metro. the senator is asking to investigate the oversight committee. a probe into why metro exchanged
5:57 am
them since may and did not except the chance to check the tracks. they have access to remote tracks. now the monitors can come to the tracks during the week. the chairman of the oversight committee says it wants all of the terms in writing. >> thank you. there is more to come in our second hour. in a little girl's medical mystery. doctors say she sneezes constantly. they do not know why. by the d.c. sniper's last moment and his last words that we get here for the first time. i am courtney robinson and i will have a live report. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up, john muhammad's final moments. will look back at the last moments of the d.c. sniper and hear why his family said it is not over yet. >> it hurts everybody. they are our pride and joy. >> a maryland town mourns the loss of a marine on veterans

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